Essential Oils and the Bladder

Essential Oils and the Bladder

Essential Oils and the Bladder

The use of plants for their healing properties has been used since the dawn of civilization.  Botanicals, oils and essences have been used in healing, religious ceremonies, preservation of foods, preparation of mummification, in beauty regiments and cooking.


Below are a few essential oils associated with bladder health.

Oregano:  A well known anti-infective agent with activity against bacteria, viruses, parasites, mycobacterium and fungi. Oregano is believed to stimulate the immune system. 

          Warnings:  The high phenol content of undiluted oil can burn the skin.  Dilute this product 1 drop of oil to 50 drops of carrier oil for topical use.  DO NOT use on mucous membranes.

   Oregano can be applied topically or added to food as a flavoring

Mountain Savory:  Known for its anti-infectious properties, it boosts and protects the immune system.  This oil also has a high phenol content and should be diluted 1 drop to 50 drops of oil before topical use.  This oil can also be diffused.

Additional usages are for acute pain, sluggish nervous and circulatory systems

Tea Tree Oil: Also know as Melaleuca alternifolia is an anti-infective with activity against a wide range of infectious agents.  It is great for use against yeast and viral infections.  This oil can be placed topically ( see the article on Uses of Essential Oils) or diffused. 

Thyme thymol: antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral.  It is great for use with urinary tract infections and cystitis. It can be applied topically or in food as a supplement or flavoring.  

Cistus:  Anti-infective, reduces inflammation and strengthens the sympathetic nervous system and immune system.  Can be used topically or diffused.

Juniper: Antiseptic, astrigent, and digestive stimulant.  Known to increase circulation through the kidneys thus it has a diuretic effect ( it can increase urine production)  This oil can be used topically, diffused, or added to food or rice milk. 

Rosemary: Anti-infective, supports nerves and endocrine gland balance.  Uses include menstrual irregularities.  It can be diffused, applied topically or ingested in food or rice milk. 

Clove: Highly antibacterial, a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  May be diffused, applied topically or to food or rice milk as a supplement or flavoring. 

Lavender:  Known for its calming properties.  It is also an antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. It has many uses from skin rejuvenation, to menopause relief.   Can be diffused, applied topically, or added to food or rice milk. 

Cypress:  Improves circulation, nerves and intestines.  It can be used for menstrual pain, menopausal problems, bladder spasms, cramps, ovarian cysts.  Apply topically. Great applied over lower abdomen with a warm compress over it for bladder or menstrual problems. 





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