Happy Cinco De Mayo:   Careful Spices Can Aggrevate Bladder and Pelvic Symptoms

Happy Cinco De Mayo: Careful Spices Can Aggrevate Bladder and Pelvic Symptoms

Happy Cinco De Mayo

  As much as holidays can be fun, those with pelvic conditions need to be wary that spices and certain foods can aggravate bladder and pelvic conditions.  Unfortunately, that few seconds of taco heaven can have you paying for days in pelvic hell.  

These foods can trigger incontinence, urgency, frequency, burning and pelvic pain in certain individuals.


1.  Alcohol: 

           You may want to forgo that Dos Equis.  Alcohol has been especially known to irritate the pelvic organs.  Not only is alcohol a diuretic, causing you to produce more urine, but it also dehydrates you and the kidneys filter irritants from the alcohol into the urine which in turn irritates your bladder. 

2. Carbonated Drinks

      Carbonated drinks such as soda and seltzers have many effects on the body.  The carbonation produces a fluid that is more acidic.  Increase in body acidity can cause inflammation in the body. Consumption of these fluids increases the acidity of the urine thus aggravating bladder conditions.  In addition, these drinks may contain high levels of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives, all of which are irritating and add to body inflammation.  

2. Tomatoes and Night Shade Vegetables

            Night Shade Vegetables include Tomatoes, Eggplant, Bell Pepper, Cayenne Peppers, and Paprika.   It is due to a chemical called Solanine, that these foods are believed to produce inflammation in the body.  Famous football quarterback, Tom Brady, has removed all of these foods from his diet to stay in top shape.   The issue with the pelvis is that these foods are also high in vitamin C and potassium.  In certain individuals, these nutrients can be extremely irritating to pelvic organs. 

   3. Chili/ Hot Peppers/ Paprika:

            See Above

 4.  Sour Cream

       The process of creating sour cream increases the potassium and Vitamin B complexes in the cream.  These components can irritate the pelvic organs.

5. Beans

     "  Beans, Beans, good for the heart."  May be true but they do a number on the intestines.  The starches found in beans are not easily broken down in our intestines.  They end up fermenting when combined with intestinal bacteria and cause gas.   Any irritation to the lower intestines can aggravate other pelvic floor muscles and organs. 



1.  Choose less irritating foods

          Consider making or ordering fish or chicken tacos without spices.   Fajitas with cooked onions and no bell peppers may also be a great option.

2.  Stick with the water

          Water is not only hydrating but will dilute the urine making it less irritating to the bladder.

3.  Beans

      If you need to eat beans consider black-eyed peas which are the lowest in gas production.  You may also take BEANO preemptively (https://www.beanogas.com) .   Cooking beans in alkaline water have been shown to decrease the starches that cause gas.  This can be done by buying Alkaline Water or mixing  1/8th of a tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup of water. Cook the beans in this mixture.

4.  I ate irritating foods:  Now What?

      So you gave in to your taco cravings.  It is ok.  You can get through this.  First drink enough water until your urine is clear.  This will dilute any bladder irritants.            Consider using a product such as Prelief (https://pelvicfloorstore.com/products/prelief-120-ct)  or 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 8-16 oz of Water ( no more than twice a day).  These options will help to neutralize the acidity of the urine.  

     If your bladder is burning consider numbing it with over the counter medications such as AZO https://www.azoproducts.com/products/uti-medications/azo-urinary-pain-relief or Cystex https://www.cystex.com/













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