Hold Please.....How the supply chain is affecting bladder health

Hold Please.....How the supply chain is affecting bladder health

Hold Please.......We are having Supply Chain Issues.

This is certainly not funny when you suffer from bladder disorders such as interstitial cystitis, overactive bladder, incontinence or bladder infections and have relied on natural supplements to manage your symptoms.  

Even after three years, the quarantine's impact on the supply chain continues to affect lives, particularly those of women. It's frustrating to see this aftermath firsthand.

How has this affected your life?

I understand that many women are struggling to find the natural products they have relied on for years, such as Vitanica Bladder Ease. Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, it is not expected to be available until later this summer. In the meantime, I am tirelessly searching for other available products to offer as alternatives.  This is what we have for the time being:

Pumpkin Seed has a calming effect on the bladder and can help with urgency and frequency.  Find it here.


 Prelief: This product decreases the acidity of the urine which can add to overactive bladder or interstitial cystitis symptoms.  Find out more here.


Histamine Block Plus can help in individuals that are sensitive to histamines in foods, food sensitivities or allergies.   This product can be especially helpful in those with interstitial cystitis.  It is not found on The Pelvic Floor Store but can be found on one of our sister company sites here. 


UT SYNERGY contains herbal ingredients to support the urinary tracts prevention of infections.  Not recommended for those sensitive to cranberry.  Click here on our sister site to find out more. 


This is certainly not a complete list....on the back end here....we will keep looking and searching for available products.

Another option until products are back available....try to get the individual ingredients as separate supplements.
For example:
Bladder Ease contains
Corn Silk Extract

Some of those separate ingredients can be found through:
Greenleaf Health & Wellness (click here)
FullScripts (click here)

Well wishes, 

The Pelvic Floor Team

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