Human Love

Human Love

June is not just a celebration of LGBTQIA, it is a celebration of humanity and love.   In today's world, there is so much stress.  We are being bombarded with the uncertainty of coronavirus and now the hatred and rioting that is happening across the country. Stress does us no good. Stress and hatred raise your cortisol, lowers essential hormones and processes that support healing, immunity, and normal functioning. 

Human beings are beautiful.  Our differences and diversity make this world alive and interesting. Who wants to live in a cookie-cutter world with everyone the same?  That would be boring.

Just think how much more we can get done with love and not hatred.  Use this time to find love and beauty in yourself first.  We cannot truly find peace without first starting with ourselves.  Heal yourself.  Accept yourself.  Find your inner peace.   How can you do this?  Here are some ideas:

  • Guided Meditation:  There are some great apps such as Ten Percent, Calm, Aura, Headspace, Hearts, and the list goes on.  If you have Amazon Prime their are many free guided meditation apps in their music offerings.
  •  Get out in nature:  Go for a walk.  Breath fresh air.  Walk in the grass.
  •  Sit quietly in a room for just 5-10 minutes and be mindful of how your body feels and what your mind is thinking.  Practice being still.
  • Listen to music.  Find relaxing music.
  • Read a book. 
  • Journal. Keep a journal.  Write down anything you are thinking. 
  • Start or work on a hobby           


Then look at the beauty in this world. Be proud of who you are.  Be proud of who others are. Find kindness in your heart.  Let's work together to make this a better world.   


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