Soap or Water?  And why my Christmas came early.

Soap or Water? And why my Christmas came early.

After my video about washing down there went viral, I was excited that many women were talking about how they wash their private parts.   I didn't expect this video to cause a national shortage of my favorite soap.

Here are the facts. 
Washing the vulva, and opening of the vagina, perineum, and anus is ideally performed with just water alone.

Yes, I said, "Just Water."
The online response was mixed. Some people have been following this routine while others questioned, "How can water alone possibly clean?"
The amazing fact is water is the universal solvent, meaning it dilutes and dissolves most things.
Water doesn't typically strip the skin of its protective oils unless soaking for long periods, which is more than I can say for soap.

Some women responded, " I have been using soap for years and never had a problem."
My response was, "That is great.....if it isn't broken, then don't fix it."

Why are soaps and detergents bad for "down there"?

  • More often than not, soaps are not pH balanced for our delicate parts
  • Soaps often contain fragrances and dyes that are not only irritating but can be toxic
  • Soap can throw off the microbiome, a balance of healthy bacteria which in turn causes irritation or infections
  • Soap strips the skin of its protective oils, thus increasing the risk of irritation from bleach in toilet paper, sanitary napkins, or irritation from detergent in our clothing

But what about odor?
Odor is typically caused by bacteria and these bacteria will be diluted and washed away by just water.   Soap doesn't do any better of a job than water alone and may just cover up what is going on.  If you are struggling with continued odor, see your healthcare provider to assess you for bacteria imbalances.

However, some women just really like using soap.  Then my recommendation for soap is to use a boric acid foaming wash especially made for our parts.   I ran out of this soap after my video went viral.  Even though I often use just water.....I did try using a mild soap one day and unfortunately remembered quickly why I don't use soap.   My husband looked at me funny at the supermarket and asked, "why are you walking funny?'   I said, "My vagina and urethra feel like I have poured tabasco on them.  I am burning so badly from using soap."

So Christmas came early......I was so excited to find that our Boric Acid Soap stock came in and the national back order ended.

So if you are a person who is looking for a healthy can now find it on our website, The Pelvic Floor Store, or in your local chain pharmacy or store.


Find my favorite soap here:


--Dr. Betsy

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