The Happy Vagina Rally

The Happy Vagina Rally

        Sixty-five percent of women are uncomfortable saying the word "vagina", yet 80% of women will develop a pelvic health disorder at some point in their lives.  Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, the first board-certified female urogynecologist, passion is to normalize the conversation surrounding pelvic health.  " The more we talk about pelvic health, the more people can heal.   There is no reason to suffer in silence," says Dr. Betsy.
       Dr. Betsy is the host of The Happy Vagina Rally, a 4 day online summit with over 25 top experts in women's health, hormones, and pelvic health.  Woman can finally get answers to:
  • Learn how to have a healthy vagina free of infections and discomfort.
  • Discover ways to boost your confidence and sex appeal.
  • Experience mind-blowing sex without pain.
  • Connect with the support of women who are in the same boat as you.
  • Create healthy habits that will give you the energy to live life to the fullest.
The best don't have to pay expensive conference fees, book a hotel or jump on an airplane.  All this information comes to you from the comfort of your own home. So curl up on the couch with some snacks or better yet get a viewing party of you and your friends together to watch The Happy Vagina Rally.
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The free version of the summit has passed however you can still access all the great content by going to and purchasing the on-demand version. The best thing is you can watch it at any time.

Pelvic F Floor Store Team

I missed the conference in June. Is there a way to get the information?

Janet Feig

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