The Happy Vagina Rally #2:  Back for More

The Happy Vagina Rally #2: Back for More

Why Women Should Attend the Happy Vagina Rally


In a world where women's health and empowerment should be celebrated, there comes a unique opportunity for growth, connection, and enlightenment: The Happy Vagina Rally. Ever wondered why it's essential to partake in events that celebrate and educate about female empowerment? Here's the full scoop!

The Importance of Female Empowerment

Body Positivity

Embracing your body, with all its uniqueness and beauty, is not just a trend; it's a necessity. Women's empowerment is about body positivity, accepting ourselves, and supporting others. Isn't it time to love ourselves unconditionally?

Emotional Well-being

Empowerment isn't just physical; it's mental and emotional. Through connection and understanding, women can uplift each other. How beautiful is the journey of self-acceptance?

What is the Happy Vagina Rally?

History and Background

The Happy Vagina Rally was created by Dr. Betsy Greenleaf, the first board certified female urogynecologist in the United States.  Dr. Betsy recognized that there was a lot of misinformation out there about women's health and it is her mission to empower women through trust worthy information on all topics of women's health.  

In 2022, the first Happy Vagina Rally was such a hit with over 30 expert speakers that women asked for more.  So the second rally was created with over 50 expert sessions covering topics such as hormones, pelvic health, peri and menopause, energy and fatigue, hair health, bone health and more.  There is something for everyone at this even. 

The Happy Vagina Rally, is more than an event; it's a movement. 

Purpose and Goals

The Rally aims to educate, inspire, and connect. Whether you're new to the cause or a lifelong supporter, there's room for everyone. Wouldn't you like to be part of something bigger? Take back your health and life through education empowerment

Event Details

Free August 10-13, 2023

or purchase the summit for the low price of $37 to watch on demand.

That is less than 70 cents per expert session.  Wow, what a deal.

And all you need to know is right here! Ready to dive in?

Benefits of Attending

Educational Workshops

From health to self-love, the workshops cover everything you need. Who wouldn't want to learn more about themselves?

Celebrating Sisterhood

Join hands with your sisters and celebrate the beauty of being a woman. Can you feel the power?

How to Participate

Registration Process

It's simple and accessible. Are you ready to sign up?

What to Expect

Four days of empowerment, education, fun, and so much more. What are you looking forward to most?


The Happy Vagina Rally is more than an event; it's a life-changing experience that celebrates and educates about women's health and empowerment. Don't you think it's time to be part of something so impactful and beautiful?


  1. What is the Happy Vagina Rally? - It's a movement aimed at educating and empowering women.
  2. Who can attend? - All women who support the cause are welcome.
  3. How can I register? - Visit to register.
  4. What will I learn? - From body positivity to emotional well-being, there's much to learn and embrace.
  5. Why should I attend? - To connect, grow, and celebrate womanhood in all its glory.
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