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Queen of Thrones

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil and Liver Compress

Queen of Thrones Castor Oil and Liver Compress

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Castor oil packs have withstood the test of time & there must be a reason. They have transformed millions of lives! Those who live it, love it.

Queen of the Thrones® is the #1 recommended original less-mess & reusable Organic Castor Oil Pack for liver detox, lymphatic drainage & colon cleansing. Scientifically designed by a naturopathic doctor to support:

  • Hormone balance 
  • Deep sleep
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Inflammation and leaky gut
  • Constipation and bloating relief


What will it do for me?

When you turn on your natural healing functions by wearing an Organic Castor Oil Pack, there is a shift from stressed to the
‘rest & digest’ state, which promotes:

    • Liver Detox - Local liver inflammation is reduced and blood flow is increased, supporting enhanced detox.

    • Lymphatic Drainage - The gentle compression over the liver area (highly concentrated with lymph and circulatory vessels) supports lymphatic drainage and cleansing.

    • Colon cleansing - Through balancing gut inflammation, supporting the microbiome via breaking down biofilm, and promoting movement of the gut, this enhances digestion, absorption and better elimination.

The best part? Food, supplements and medicines can be safely combined and often work better when doing Castor Oil Packs.

Both the pack and oil are ESSENTIAL for all these benefits.

Always choose 100% pure, certified organic, extra virgin, hexane-free Castor Oil bottled in glass, like Queen of Thrones.
If packaged in plastic it may leach BPA and other endocrine disruptors, counteracting the benefits of your
Castor Oil Pack detox.


What’s it made of?

The Organic Castor Oil Pack for Liver is free of chemicals, flame retardants, dyes, & bleach.

    • 90% organic cotton Flannel - Hypoallergenic soft material gently shifts body into a relaxed state needed for liver detox & hormone balance

    • 5% polyurethane (PUL) - Less-mess layer naturally holds in body heat

    • 5% nylon - Four soft, stretchy, adjustable, comfortable to sleep & move in straps

This pack is form-fitting like a second skin, and so comfortable you can sleep in it. Made according to Edgar Cayce’s guidelines for Castor Oil Packs.


Will it fit me?

The compress is made to fit over the size of the adult liver. It fits most bodies with its long, soft straps that hug your curves so comfortably you can sleep or go about your daily routine.

Please do not use your Castor Oil Pack for Liver over your delicate ovaries, uterus and pelvic area.

It’s unclear if toxins are transferred from the body into the pack, so it’s best to use a Castor Oil Pelvic over the pelvic area.

For hormone balance it’s best to wear your Castor Oil Pack for Liver from the start of your period to ovulation (approximately 2 weeks) then switch to the Castor Oil for Fertility for the remainder of your cycle until you get your period (approximately 2 weeks).

No menses?
If you don’t have a period, start with your Castor Oil Pack for Liver on the New Moon and switch to the Castor Oil Pack Pelvic on the Full Moon.

Perimenopause or menopause?
Begin with your Castor Oil Pack for Liver on the Full Moon and switch to the Castor Oil Pack Pelvic on the New Moon.

This is the hormone balancing protocol used to support a regular monthly hormonal cycle, good for all stages of life from puberty to fertile years to perimenopause and menopause.


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