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Joy Lux

vFit Gold Plus Upgrade

vFit Gold Plus Upgrade

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VFIT Gold Plus IS the Medical Grade Product with Additional Lights and Power for added benefits.  When ordering this product you will be contacted by our medical staff.  Please provide your email and phone number or your order will be canceled. We will need to contact you for a medical review before we can ship this device.  

Upgrade to Gold PLUS and achieve maximum results faster with access to premium device features for the lifetime of your device. With your Gold PLUS upgrade, your device offers more LED power, an additional 12-minute treatment time, and 4 more vibration modes compared to vFit Gold.

In just a few sessions a week, you can experience more natural lubrication, increased sensation, and a feeling of tightness—all from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

vFit Plus is the first and only intimate wellness solution using red lights (LEDs), gentle heat, and sonic technology. Use red-light to stimulate tissue and promote improved hydration, sensation, sexual function, and most importantly, confidence—all from the privacy of your home at an affordable price.

Additional high-powered UV-free red lights (LEDs) in the 662nm wavelength shine brightly to safely and effectively stimulate the tissue.

Gentle heat warms the tissue and encourages blood flow, which aids in natural lubrication to help soothe dryness. Gentle heat also amplifies the LED benefits.

Sonic vibration aids in muscle stimulation. There additional modes for your customization.
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